Web Tools

There are many tools and applications available to small business, many such as Mailchimp and Google, are free to use.

Here are links to some of the software and apps that I use regularly in my business, with a description of what each can do for your business.

Mailchimp: - https://mailchimp.com
Mailchimp is a bulk email portal, which has a wealth of marketing features to help you stay in touch with your guests and market to new guests.

Marketing is the single most important aspect of a successful business. The more customers you have the more you build not just your sales but your brand and your story.

Fasthosts I have used for over 20 years for hosting my websites and building them too. Fasthosts provided hosting packages, email packages, website building and domain registration amongst other things.

Before you purchase a domain you may find that you can get the domain free if you sign up to a hosting package with sites like Fasthosts, Godaddy and 123.reg to name but a few.

123-reg sell domain names and have moved into web hosting.
When you buy a domain name, be careful if you buy one of the new first-level domains. For example .com or .uk are first level domains. You can now buy .property .group etc however some email servers do not like these new first-level domains and see them as spam so they reject emails. If this happens seek advice from your email provider.

Microsoft Office has all the tools you need to set up your business office, from OneDrive cloud storage to Access databases. You do have to pay for Office but the apps are being updated all the time and work over various devices, such as PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phones.

Wordpress is a free platform for simple websites and blogs. It uses templates and standard code to create professional looking websites.

Google has a hoard of free to use apps and software that help your web presence look professional and gives you the ability to add content or montior your website on many of the search engines.
I personally use Google Analytics, Maps, Youtube, Adwords and keywords.

My Business is really important, if you do a google search on your web address in Google, you will see a window on the right appear, which will show your business. If you accept your business, you can then input your contact information and location which will then show on Google Maps.

Help is at Hand

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