Bed and Breakfast Lifestyle or Business
10 Steps to Improving Your Annual Occupancy

I wrote this, my first book, Bed and Breakfast Lifestyle or Business with a view to helping people who aspire to owning a B&B or hospitality business, choose what they really want to do and to really think about where they want to do it. Running a business is not easy, if it was we would all be self-employed and working for ourselves.
It can however be very rewarding in the lifestyle you lead, the flexibility of being your own boss and in the financial advantages.

The training courses that we provide at Qual8-E Hospitality Training and Advice Services cover all aspects of Running your business, from start up to final sale. We cover in much greater depth all the chapters of the book and much, much more.

If you are purchasing my book, I hope that you find it both informative and easy to read.
Throughout the book there are go to website markers, for more information and useful links.