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About Stuart

The award-winning author currently lives on the English Riviera, South Devon, UK but has travelled extensively across the world learning about himself and others. Studying differing cultures and beliefs.

He has a balanced view on life and endeavours to make the most of any situation, helping others around him to do likewise.

Stuart served with The Royal Corps of Signals, British Army, from 1980 to 1988, as in independent financial advisor from 1988 to 1998 before joining the telecommunications industry and rising to be Senior Technology Manager for Orange Mobile in 2004. He also served as a Special Constable for South Wales Police, in Newport South Wales, for over 3 years, with the collar number 007.

With this book, he shares his 15 years of experience of the tourism and hospitality industry, learned from his experiences whilst owning and running The Downs Hotel and The Commodore, Paignton, Devon. He has learned the hard way and is very passionate about helping other B&B, Hotel owners both new and old to get the best out of their business and to overcome obstacles that have been put in their way. With training courses and advice on all aspects of setting up and running a small Hotel or B&B.

Currently Stuart owns and operates multiple ventures within the Hospitality and Property Investment Industries, where not only does he help businesses but also aspiring entrepreneurs launch their first businesses and start generating profits from day one.