Live the Dream

Bed and Breakfast, Lifestyle or Business


Have you ever dreamed of owing a Bed and Breakfast or small Hotel by the sea or in the great British countryside?

Do you already live the dream and want to increse your occupancy?
If so this is the site for you as we aim to give you training and advice on all aspects of running your business, supporting you on the way to acheiving the goals to which you aspire and ensuring your continued success.

Accompanying this website is my book Bed and Breakfast, Lifestyle or Business? - 10 Steps to Improving Your Annual Occupancy, which gives you practical advice from how to choose your location to the legal aspects of running a compliant establishment.

After 15 years in the industry and owning two hotels with differing facilities, characteristics and challenges, I have a wealth of knowledge which I can share with you and hope to learn as much from you in the process. Together with the right support anything is possible which is better than feeling like an island in the ocean being battered from everyside by wind, waves and rain.

Everything is about Lifestyle


Everything is about Business.