Live the Dream

Bed and Breakfast, Lifestyle or Business


Have you ever dreamed of owing a Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, Hotel or holiday accommodation, either by the sea or beautiful countryside?

Do you already live the dream and want to increse your occupancy?
If so this is the site for you, as we aim to give you training and advice on all aspects of running your business, supporting you on the way to acheiving the goals to which you aspire and ensuring your continued success.

If you want to buy a home that pays for itself, start a new business, redevelop an existing one or just continuing what someone else has started, we can help.
After 17 years in the industry, owning hotels, B&Bs, self catering apartments and en-suite rooms with shared self-catering facilities, I have a wealth of knowledge which I can share with you. I have extensive knowledge of various Property Managment Sytems (PMS), channel managers, front and backend systems and the various marketing avenues. Haveing seen the industry change from a paper diary and tradional marketing systems to digital standalone and online PMS and marketing tools.

Together with the right support anything is possible, so if you feel like an island in the ocean being battered from everyside by wind, waves, rain and other elements, that you just didn't know existed, please get intouch and I will endeavor to bring calm and understanding to your business and lifestyle.
Accompanying this website is my book Bed and Breakfast, Lifestyle or Business? - 10 Steps to Improving Your Annual Occupancy, which gives you practical advice from how to choose your location to the legal aspects of running a compliant establishment.

My second Book How to Make Money in Property, can also help you understand how property can make money and pay for itself.
I have re-developed victorian, Edwardian and post war properties, houses, hotels and apartments carrying out much of the work myself and using contractors. Everything from labouring to project managing devlopments which have all made me money and given me financial freedom.
This experienc includes dealing with planning, fighting for planning, I have been up against planners on 5 different occassions and won every time. Due dilligence and having a clear plan and reasons why is the key.

Everything is about Lifestyle


Everything is about Business.